Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee                                                                               

The iced latte and iced mocha are good examples.

There are various brewing methods, with the fundamental division being cold brew – brewing the coffee cold, yielding different flavor, but not requiring cooling – or brewing hot and then cooling, generally by simply pouring over ice or into ice cold milk.

In case of hot brewing this can be normally brewed coffee (drip, press pot, etc.), or espresso. In case of hot brewing, sweeteners and flavorings are often mixed into the hot coffee before cooling, due to higher solubility in hot water. Alternatively, syrup (sugar pre-dissolved in water) may be used, particularly gum syrup.

Pre-packaged iced coffee is available as a grocery item in several countries. Regardless of brewing method, iced coffee is generally brewed at a higher strength than normal coffee, due to the dilution caused by the ice.

Also,  any kind of Chocolate is great with Iced Coffee!

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  1. Bobby, I love iced coffee. And the odd thing is I prefer it in the winter. In summer I find it doesn’t quench my thirst.

    Living in Australia it is always on the drinks menu. When I first returned to Canada, no-one there had heard of it. (It was a long time ago!) So I introduced it.

    Well the short story is that it became a hit in the town I lived in in British Columbia! And some strange combinations were introduced.

    I like your site and look forward to reading more about coffee, tea and chocolate (both iced and hot).


    1. Hi Helen,

      I appreciate your comments and your love for iced coffee. I also, like it all year around. Maybe in the winter it makes me think of summer.

      Thank you,


  2. I like your article on iced coffee, tea and chocolate. I like all three of them. But I don’t brew. Most or my iced coffee I buy from Starbucks. At home I just put ice, milk, sugar and coffee (decaf) in a blender and drink it like smoothie. I do the same with chocolate. But my tea is always hot. I do this very often, iced coffee and chocolate esp. Coffee is my favorite flavor even for ice cream.

    1. Hi Rebecca,

      Sounds like you enjoy just about everything on my website.    Of course, I don’t have iced coffee very often in the winter.  I do love my brewed coffee and I always grind my own beans.  I feel that it has the best flavor no matter what coffee you use.  If you haven’t tried Eight O’Clock Coffee, try it and I think you will like it!

      Thank you,


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