Amazon Is Sweet

 Amazon Is Sweet!

The company was founded in 1994, spurred by what Amazon founder Jeff Bezos called his “regret minimization framework,” which described his efforts to fend off any regrets for not participating sooner in the Internet business boom during that time. In 1994, Bezos left his employment as vice-president of D. E. Shaw & Co., a Wall Street firm, and moved to Seattle.  He began to work on a business plan for what would eventually become
Jeff Bezos incorporated the company as “Cadabra” on July 5, 1994. Bezos changed the name to Amazon a year later after a lawyer misheard its original name as “cadaver”.  The company went online as in 1995

Bezos selected the name Amazon by looking through the dictionary, and settled on “Amazon” because it was a place that was “exotic and different” just as he planned for his store to be; the Amazon river, he noted was by far the “biggest” river in the world, and he planned to make his store the biggest in the world.  Bezos placed a premium on his head start in building a brand, telling a reporter, “There’s nothing about our model that can’t be copied over time.  But you know, McDonald’s got copied. And it still built a huge, multibillion-dollar company.  A lot of it comes down to the brand name. Brand names are more important online than they are in the physical world.” Additionally, a name beginning with “A” was preferential due to the probability it would occur at the top of any list that was alphabetize.

Since June 19, 2000, Amazon’s logotype has featured a curved arrow leading from A to Z, representing that the company carries every product from A to Z, with the arrow shaped like a smile.

***Amazon is Huge, you can purchase anything that you want and they will match any price.***

Let me show you what I mean?  That Is Why I Say Amazon Is Sweet!

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Just click on the link below and you will find out how “Sweet Amazon Is”


What is really neat with Amazon, once you click on the link and go to the Amazon website you can surf to any of the pages in the menu and shop around.  That is why Amazon is sweet in more ways than one!

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8 Replies to “Amazon Is Sweet”

  1. Never really dig into the history of Amazon before, so this is good to know. Jeff is right – the Amazon model can be replicated over times and we have seen this with another giant online retailer – Alibaba – who, coincidentally also starts with the letter A.

    Having shopped on both platforms before, I much prefer Amazon as it delivers better quality in terms or services and product ranges. Alibaba is like a wholesale garage – you still need to wade through a jungle to find the right product.

  2. Amazon has the biggest affiliate program there is, in fact I have heard that amazon was the founder of the affiliate program. Amazon is a great place to start where you can become and affiliate marketer and place their products on your website and earn a profit from the sale. What is also great abut amazon is that the affiliate program is free, no cost at all to join so all of this is great news. Amazon is a great place to start and affiliate program.

    1. Norman,

      I appreciate your comments about Amazon. I feel that they are a wonderful asset to a website. They can give our visitors a lot of options.



  3. I’ve had nothing but a pleasant experience when shopping with Amazon, as I usually buy books and DVD’s through them.

    They communicate well as they give you an expected delivery time and they usually meet the delivery date.

    I’ve never had any issues with products, the books and DVD’s have been well packaged and always have arrived in perfect condition.

    Their website is easy to navigate and it wasn’t hard to find what I wanted, so they have been very good to deal with. Thanks for sharing the history of Amazon, I didn’t realise that they had been going for only around 23 years.

    1. Adrian,

      I am glad you feel that way about Amazon. You can buy just about anything that you want and get the best price there is without shopping around. They do have a neat history

      I appreciate your comments.



  4. You can’t say enough about Amazon. It’s come a long way since I started with it. Amazon sells everything on the planet and it’s shipping options are second to none. I don’t think I have ever not been able to find what I was looking for on Amazon. The key to this company in my opinion? Reviews and the customer. I buy by the reviews and Amazon always puts us, the customers first!

    1. Rob,

      You are right they are second to none. They have a lot of experience, good customer support and delivery right to your door. Also, they will match any budys prices.



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