About Bobby!

Hi there, My name is Bobby.

 I like when my friends and kids call me “Bobby”  it makes me feel young again.

My wife and I have been happily married for 51  wonderful years and counting.  Actually I always double the amount of years that we have been married.  Let me tell you why.

Presently, that would mean we are married for 102 years.  Wow!  that is a along time.  But, really it is 51 for me and 51 for her because we both have put in the time.  I know you are saying to yourself that I am corny or maybe you use other words.

But, stop and think if you are married and you want your marriage to work, don’t you both have to put in the time?  Yes, mam or sir.  So, when you think of your husband or wife double the amount of years.  It will make you realize the hard work you both have been through.

O.K. enough of that!   I retired from my office cleaning business after 42 years. We have three wonderful married children and their mates.

We enjoy traveling and I love all sports especially Golf.  That is why the picture is there.

  I don’t know of many golfers that don’t love:  COFFEE or TEA and CHOCOLATE!

That is really what is behind my website, the enjoyment of any one of them or in my case    All Of Them!   At a very early age I was a coffee drinker.  In honor of my wife she loves tea and both of us are crazy about chocolate1  We even say that we are  “Sweet Heads”  are you?

If you are wondering what the opening image on my website is, well that is how coffee, tea and chocolate all grow.  They start as bushy leafs then they have beans that begin to grow on them and then after the beans are processed they come to your table as the finished product.  But, naturally they all don’t grow on the same plant.

I am going to try and make my website very unique.  You probably have noticed even some history behind Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate.

One of my goals is to make your tastes buds look forward and desire coffee or tea any time of the day or evening.  Also, needless to say the craving for chocolate will be enhanced through all the images and pictures you will see.

Maybe, your desire for any or all of them will make you want to look into some of my affiliates that are throughout my website:


I will look forward to your comments.

Thank you,













6 Replies to “About Bobby!”

  1. Hi Bobby. Great to hear that you’ve such a beautiful relationship with your wife. In this time and age of quick marriages and affairs, your story is a very refreshing one. It aspires me to do so with my marriage =)

    I can say I have more in common with your wife in the sense that we both love tea. I’m not much of a coffee person since it upsets my stomach, especially in the morning (if you can share your knowledge in this matter, it will be very helpful to me). Good luck buddy!

    1. Hi Isaac,

      I am glad I aspired you in your marriage. Also, I am glad your a tea drinker and I feel that you will enjoy coffee just as well. I suggest you try Arabica coffee but to start make it white coffee. That is put some milk or cream in it and add sugar to your liking.

      I appreciate your comments.



  2. Great website you have there! I myself am a coffee addict. I love the smell of coffee and drink it every single day. I like the pictures you put up and how you explained the coffee. What is your favorite type of coffee to drink? My favorite is Maxwell house Columbian coffee.

    1. Kassandra,

      I am so happy that you liked my website. I want to make it a unique experience for individuals like yourself.

      One of my favorite brands of coffee is Eight O’clock. I love the Dark Roast. Not sure if you are familiar with that brand.

      Thank you for your comments,


  3. Hello Bobby,

    A really relaxed site with a lot of good stuff !

    I’m a coffee, tea and chocolate lover too ! You have displayed a lot of delicious sweets I can’t resist anymore ! :):):)

    The statement of 102 years is well spoken !

    Your picture on the golf fields is very sunny, a real good one you can feel your energy !

    So far my comment and now it’s coffee time for me too !

    A traditional Italian expresso !

    Have a nice day,



    1. Attila,
      I really appreciate your comments and you know what? I had a feeling that you were a coffee drinker.
      It is something that you enjoy all 3 that my website features.
      Thank you,

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